Cloud-based Analytical solution that predicts occurrences of cancer(breast, lung, colon, prostate) based on Vitals EMR data, family history, genomics data, HIE’s and patient health in general. The solution calculates the risk score for at risk- patients, against various attributes of oncology.  Risk score and other attributes predicts the occurrences of particular cancer and software determine customize care plan based on at- risk patient evidence based medicine and pre-established results.

As per the technologies framework the data will be hosted on the Hadoop framework and integrated with HP’s Arc Sight’s for analytics and visualization. Also certain Interoperability API’s have to be developed for integrating the data from these discrete data sources, we are considering using Java along with XML, HL7 FHIR messaging protocols for the interoperability implementation.

Our pooling of data sets are unique in way we gather data from  discrete data sources HIE, EMR, Diagnostic data,  claims data, genomic data and modeled against the unique predictive model that based on the multiple predictive models. Aggregated data from discrete sources are run through the predictive algorithm validated against EBM for precision.

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